About us

While growing up in a flat with my family,I always had some form of pet,including a parrot,rabbit,hamster and fish.I saw my first Pyrenean Mountain Dog in a book when i was 10 years old and knew immediately that i wanted one.

I got my first dog a Scottish Collie ( Vip) family pet.Then when he left us my brother brought  German Shepard puppie (Hant) but I never gave up my dream of owning a Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

While living in an apartment, I diligently searched online for where I might purchase my first Pyr.Thirteen years after seeing my first Pyr in book I imported Ink from a kennel in Sweden. Finaly my dreams came true.

Already at the first exhibition Ink has achieved super results and made me interessted in showing. Taking part on exhibitions all over and achieving superb results I realized that I had a useful baseline to step forward and began to think about breeding.

I am trying and  strive to, improve, preserve this beautiful old breed.

My goal is to breed primarily healthy and well tempered dogs with strong usable compact body and at the same time harmonious and elegant movements,lovely typical head with a gentle and dreamy recognizable Pyrenean expression.